To wrap or not wrap Techny Arbs for the winter

Asked November 11, 2018, 10:28 AM EST

These five Techny Arbs were planted in April 2017. I watered the heck out of them all summer and fall, and we wrapped them in burlap for the winter of (2017-2018). They seem to be doing great and have grown. My question is, do we have to wrap them again for this winter or are they well-established enough to survive? They are growing together now so it will more challenging to wrap them. They are in the north-west corner of my lot if that matters.

Wayne County Michigan

1 Response

Your shrubs look great! Good job. If the plants are well rooted and go into the winter fully hydrated, they should not need to be wrapped unless this is a extremely windy location. (In that case you could just provide a wind break for them on one side). However, if you are in deer country, the wrap also provides a barrier to hungry munchers through out the winter.