bread baking at 4,000 ft.

Asked November 10, 2018, 11:40 PM EST

Lived at 250 altitude and bread recipe containing eggs,butter flavored crisco, and water was great but at my present 4,000 ft altitude it turns out on the dry side. Any suggestions?

Crook County Oregon home food preparation

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If you are making a batter bread with chemical leavening agents (baking powder or baking soda), you can reduce this measurement by 1/2. This will usually be enough to keep your batters from "falling" (this can also work for cakes and brownies).

Another altitude adjustment that can be helpful is to slightly increase the oven temperature by 15 to 25 degrees F. Oven temperatures vary widely, so you will need to experiment with your oven temperature. This can help the loaves set up before the batter "falls." Some people find that they need to decrease it.

Water evaporates more quickly here in the High Desert, so you may want to increase the moisture of your bread with one additional egg yolk.

Bread recipes that make a dough are usually leavened with yeast. Yeast measurements stay the same, but you will need to decrease the time for the dough to rise. Don't let the dough over flow from the bowl or let the bubbles burst. Sour flavors develop when this happens. To get the flavor thoroughly developed, you will need to let the dough rise twice before shaping the loaves for the final rise.

Altitude adjustments can vary between recipes, so if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 541-548-6088.