getting rid of monkshood

Asked November 10, 2018, 4:05 PM EST

Hello, My mom and I recently removed some monkshood plants from the yard. We were careful to wear gloves and long pants etc. However, we accidentally stepped on parts of the plant with our shoes/brushed up against parts of it or parts of the shovel used to remove them. Afterward, we left our shoes and the shovel out to wash in the rain and will wash our clothes in the washing machine. Will this be enough to wash all of the poison off our clothes, shoes and shovel or do we need to get rid of those things? Also, one of the plant's flowers was leaning over into our compost pile. Can the dirt where the plants were growing and the compost still be used for our vegetable garden without it being a problem? I know people grow this plant in their flower gardens and are just careful to wear gloves when handling it so maybe I'm overthinking. I don't know how poisonous the plant is . Just wanted some advice on how careful we have to be. Thanks!

Carbon County Pennsylvania

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There are many things that could be poisonous if consumed in large amounts. Be careful not to plant this near any edible plants so as not to confuse the issue. See:
for more information.

Thanks, G.

Thanks for the response and the helpful article!