Wintering of Hop rhizome

Asked November 9, 2018, 12:52 AM EST

This past summer, I grew hops in 25 gallon fabric containers. My goal is to use their roots for rhizomes in the spring. Can you make plantable rhizomes after one summer? And if so. Can they overwinter in fabric bags, or will they freeze too hard?.

Also, I mistakenly had a male.. and I now have a BUNCH of seeds. If I stratify (spelling?) the seeds in the fridge, is there a decent success rate with this process? and if so, how much time after they sprout will I be able to see and cull the males?

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance.


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Thank you for your question. Since you did not indicate your location, I don’t have any indication about your winters. But I think the following Extension article should address your concerns: Good luck!

Sorry, I am in Maine. 4b is our zone.

Thanks. Since your winter temperatures are similar to Minnesota, the information contained in the article is pertinent to you.