Post-harvest management/treatment for day-neutral strawberries in the home garden

Asked November 8, 2018, 4:22 PM EST

Hi - I have found information about renovating June-bearing strawberries, but almost nothing for day-neutral or ever bearing berries. Mine are in raised beds and have produced a lot of berries and leaves. What should I do with them after they stop producing in the fall? Thanks... Jim

Lane County Oregon strawberries horticulture

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You can leave them in their beds until early spring and divide the mother plant and/or cut off the runners to the baby plants to produce more. Remove the dead leaves so you can see new growth in the plants. I haven't bought plants for years simply by dividing them this way, Make sure you give them plenty of organic fertilizer before and during the growing season. If you are worried about frost damage, you can mulch your beds with leaves surrounding the plant. However, strawberries are pretty hardy in our climate.

Good luck!