alsike vs red clover

Asked November 8, 2018, 12:09 PM EST

I had a horse die Sunday evening. She was perfectly healthy and only 14. I found 7 horses drooling 2 of which had very large amounts of drool looked like gallons at a time. foamy puddles all over. My mare collapsed and every few seconds it looked like she was running uncontrollably. My gelding wanted to lay down peacefully and was able to keep him up. This went on for 3 hours until she died and the gelding seems to be coming out of it, but much slower than the others. I feel so helpless. No vet would come to help. Just said remove from hay, they will come out of it. I sent off a sample of hay for testing. Everyone is telling me that she had to of died from something else. I can't rest until I know more. This was their 3rd bale of this hay and I knew there was some clover, but not a great deal. I don't think this is your typical clover. How do I find out if anyone else has been through this? Shouldn't situations like this be reported?

Iowa County Iowa

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I was not in the office on Friday to see your message. Upon reading your message this morning I immediately forwarded it to our ISU Extension Equine specialist, Dr. Peggy Miller-Auwerda, Phone: 515-294-5260, Email: