Hobo Spider?

Asked November 8, 2018, 2:25 AM EST

Is this a hobo spider?

Yakima County Washington spider identification

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Thank you for your question.

While you've shared some great pictures, we would need to see the spider to be sure whether it's a hobo spider or not. It does have some of the characteristics that a hobo spider has however, there are some look-a-like species as well. Hobo spiders are found throughout Washington, as are several "funnel-web" weaving spiders.

While they are sometimes called "aggressive house spiders" hobos are not likely to attack people. They only bite if they are capturing prey, or being harmed, such as being squished. Hobo spider have a reputation for having venom that causes a reaction in humans, but the most recent testing could not find any evidence to support this.

If you still have the spider and need an identification, please contact the Yakima county Master Gardeners. Here is a link to their web page so you can contact them: https://extension.wsu.edu/yakima/home-garden/master-gardeners/diagnostic-plant-clinic/

Thank you again for contacting us.