dish soap

Asked November 7, 2018, 9:45 PM EST

I have broccoli that came up from the roots of my early planting. They are now putting on nice heads. But they are full of aphids. I rinse the crowns in hot and cold water, soak them for hours in water, rinse again and cant get rid of the bugs. My neighbor said to spray the plants with a mixture of dish soap andwater to kill the aphids. Question: wont the soap penetrate into the heads? Will the soap wash off ? I dont want to be feeding dish soap to my family. Im to the point of pulling it all out and let the goats enjoy !

Clackamas County Oregon

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Dish soap is a home remedy we don’t recommend. It hasn’t been tested on food or insects, so isn’t labeled for use against aphids on your broccoli. There is insecticidal soap for purchase and use against aphids. Follow the label exactly. Note the timing required when used on plants you’ll harvest later for food. Are the heads full of aphids already? The soap need to touch them to be effective. Treating the plants regularly to limit the insects before the heads form is probably your best bet.