Winter tree transplant

Asked November 7, 2018, 3:55 PM EST

When can my pagoda dogwood be transplanted? It is 10 feet tall with a 1 1/2" trunk, having been planted 2 years ago. It must be moved from a fence to allow for it's eventual growth. I would rather transplant before winter sets it, but I'm willing to wait, based on your assessment. Please direct me to your online information or otherwise let me know when and under what conditions I can safely transplant this tree. It will be moved approximately 3 feet further from the fence. See attached photo. Contact me by return email or by phone at 763-443-6032

Ramsey County Minnesota

1 Response

You can do some prep work this fall and transplant in the spring. Go as far out as you feel you can handle a root ball and taking a sharp shovel, push it down all around the roots of your tree cutting any roots outside of that ring. That will force more roots to develop closer to the trunk. Have the new planting site prepared in the spring by loosening the soil and mixing compost with the native soil. You could move it before it leafs out. Then dig your tree, placing it on a tarp to move. You want to disturb the root ball as little as possible. Plant it at the same depth it was before being dug. Make sure to keep it well watered like any new tree until it has had chance to develop the new root system.