protecting Arborvitae in winter

Asked November 7, 2018, 3:42 PM EST

I had to replant 2 arborvitae this spring because the other two got severe winter damage last winter. I had wrapped them with a gardening plastic that was supposedly for winter bushes, but they didn't survive. The bushes are on the Northwest corner of my house and are about 41/2 - 5 ft tall. I've water them well and will continue as long as possible. Please advise what/how I should protect them this winter. Thank you

Ramsey County Minnesota

1 Response

Install five foot tall stakes approximately two feet from the drip lines of each arborvitae. Wrap protective materials like burlap, canvas, or snow fencing around the stakes to create “fenced” barriers. Leave the top open to allow for some air and light penetration. Remove the barrier material in spring. Keep evergreens properly watered throughout the growing season and into the fall. Do not tightly wrap the individual arborvitae as this make the trees more susceptible to diseases.