Treating Chickens for Poultry Lice - How do I break the cycle?

Asked November 7, 2018, 1:16 PM EST

I recently discovered an infestation of what I believe are poultry lice on my birds. Two days ago, I dusted each bird with Permethrin poultry dust around the vent and under the wings, but am already seeing more bugs on vents.

I have 6 hens in a 4 x 9 coop/run (sand floor) who normally range daily in a 20 x 30 chicken yard under some oak trees (sandy but more deep-litter mulchy, plants/stumps -- would be hard to clean thoroughly). Before dusting, I did a once-over inside the coop/run for old feathers (some are in a molt) to decrease the nits, and have kept them in the closed coop/run rather than ranging them, as I am afraid of dropped feathers in the range yard causing a reinfestation. I have assumed I need to re-dust, but am unsure how many times/days between to ensure I break the cycle.

What can you tell me??

Orange County Florida poultry

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It generally requires several treatments 7-10 days apart. Treating once will kill the adults but not the eggs.