bush trimming

Asked November 7, 2018, 11:01 AM EST

Is now a good time of year to cut back some bushes in the yard?

Denver County Colorado pruning shrubs

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The time to prune a shrub depends on the species - some shrubs form blossoms that are carried through the winter (e.g. spring-bloomers) and if you pruned now, you would cut off all next year's blossoms. An example of this is Lilac. Other shrubs bloom on "new growth" meaning the current year's growth (e.g. summer-bloomers). An example of this is Russian Sage. That could be cut back now but I recommend not doing it just as we head into winter; instead I recommend doing it in February just as we head into spring.

If you need help with the ID, send us a photo and describe it (if it has lost all its leaves, send a 2nd photo with a close-up of a stem so that we can see the buds and bark).

Here's some good information from CSU about pruning: