evergreen spider mite infestation?

Asked November 6, 2018, 5:09 PM EST

Hello, Is it too late in the season to treat what appears to be an insect issue on our evergreen? What would be a reasonable cost? I believe one outfit said it was spider mites. Thank you, Jen

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Spider mites are treated in the spring, it is too late this year to treat for them. I've included a couple of links that talk about identifying and treating for mites. I have no idea what a reasonable
cost would be, but you will have to treat the whole tree.



Thank you! Is the below a good treatment plan? I need to keep these trees alive as they block an apartment building. - Thank you- Jen

The spruce are struggling, which is not uncommon for evergreen trees in the metro area. Soils are not idea or weather patterns in regard to rain for conifers. I think treating the smaller spruce for pests or disease is not a good investment. I only recommend fertilization for both trees. I do recommend treating the larger spruce for mites next spring and also with Cambistat. Cambistat helps spruce resist fungal infections in spruce trees. Rhizosphaera and Stigmina are diseases that cause defoliation of the needles in spruce. These diseases make spruce look poor as they defoliate the tree and damaging tree health. Cambistat is injected into the soil at the base of the tree . The treatments last about three years.


The treatment plan is not unreasonable for drought stressed trees, but it is impossible for someone to know the condition of the trees without a visit. It's for this reason that we recommend consulting with a certified arborist who can evaluate the trees in person, as well as asses site conditions.