Strawberr plants

Asked November 6, 2018, 4:32 PM EST

I am confused, as much as my strawberries are, they were dying back but then we had a surge of really warm weather. The plants have grown up(no blossoms) and I don't know what to do for them. 1. cut them back and layer with leaves 2. layer with leaves and don't cut them back. If I cut them back, how much do I leave on them. These sudden supports in Autumn with cool and then warmer weather is confusing. Thank you. Sharon Johnston

Douglas County Oregon strawberries horticulture

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You need to know whether your strawberry is a June bearing berry, produces all the fruit in June then looks kind of dry and dying into the fall, or a day neutral variety that keeps producing all summer until freezes stop it, or everbearing which has two big yield periods one in June and one in Aug-Sep. If you have a June bearing variety then you should trim off dead or dying leaves in July and let the new leaves come on into the fall and get ready for spring again. If you have day neutral or everbearing just trim off the dead leaves in late winter or spring and let new growth come on in spring to early summer. No matter what type of berry you have after about 4 years you should get some new plants to replace the old that gets diseases.