Garlic & Asparagus

Asked November 6, 2018, 1:57 PM EST

Just planted most of my garlic and curious if it's essential to put a mulch to cover it? Since here in Elkton we don't typically get extremely cold. Asparagus after cutting it back, is it ideal to then rake away some of the mulch first then put fresh down before cover with leaves? Does asparagus transplant well?

Douglas County Oregon garlic horticulture

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It is a very good idea to mulch anything that has been recently planted as we head into the winter rainy season. This will help to prevent compaction or erosion of topsoil. You can just add new compost over the top of your asparagus bed. The plants will produce better if there is at least 4 inches of nice soil compost cover over the top of the producing crown. You can also put a clean straw mulch over the bed to really keep the weeds out. Straw will be more persistent than leaves, although the leaves will work too. The asparagus will shoot right up through any compost, hay or leaves in the spring.

Asparagus crowns will transplant fine. Be careful not to cut the crowns when digging them up. You might want to use a digging fork instead of a shovel to reduce the risk of cutting them.

This has been a helpful information in moving forward. I see how adding back compost is essential and four inches ideal. With the leaves was thinking it would duel as a compost and protection from the winter/spring rains. We have tons of leaves but limited access to straw.
Our Asparagus patch is now a solid 12 years old and speculating that it reseeds itself and that the crowns are growing. My goal is to plant a third row down the middle with a few different groupings of transplanted crowns. I'll follow up again soon after I reread some notes about asparagus bed prep.
Below is spring time photos of Elkton High School Sophomore health class helping me harvest over 40 pounds of Asparagus one early afternoon.