What kind of spider is this

Asked November 6, 2018, 1:46 PM EST

I posted a picture of this spider last night. This morning I was able to get better pictures. He or she is on the toe of my shoe...no I'm not wearing it :) I found this little/big guy in a glass that I have on a shelf by my bed. What kind of spider is he? Is he harmful to me or my pets (cats)? I'm not going to kill him even if he is poisonous. I'll just remove him from my home.

Gilliam County Oregon spider identification

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Thank you for the improved images of this spider which has found its way indoors. As I wrote in my other response to you, I am uncertain of the ID.

However, the good news is that Oregon lacks any deadly spiders.

If you have captured the spider, I suggest you contact the Gilliam County Extension Service Office to determine where you might take it for ID. Contact information for the office is at https://extension.oregonstate.edu/gilliam. Definitely call before you go: 541-384-2271.

Even if no one at the office can ID the spider, the staff can submit it to the OSU Plant Clinic for a free ID.