Build a Berm

Asked November 6, 2018, 1:24 PM EST

We have built a beautiful river rock rain channel. Now, we need to finish it with a berm, we think. We have never built a berm and need the very basic help. We are dealing with runoff down the hill from behind the house, our two downspouts, and our neighbors three downspouts. From the pictures on this rainy day, we know the water needs to go toward the tree in middle of property. Do you think we should rain channel to the end of the property near front grade (red paving stones mark beginning of the front garden). Whatever we build, we want it to be beautiful so we love looking at it each day. Thank you.

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

Erosion/drainage can be a complicated issue to solve. For the best way to proceed we encourage you to contact several specialists for the best way to proceed including a site consultation.

Begin by contacting Soil Conservation in your County for more information and/or stormwater management

Also, look at the attached link on storm water management. There may be other ideas to slow the rain such as rain barrels, a rain garden, etc. to slow the erosion on your property.
Contact The Watershed specialist in your area Amanda Rockler -

Finally, you could explore contracting with a Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional who specializes in stormwater management and/or the Landscape Contractors Association