Identifying a spider needed

Asked November 6, 2018, 3:54 AM EST

I am getting an unusual amount of different spiders in my home as temperatures are getting colder. I used to live in Grand Ronde, Oregon, and I was once bitten by a spider to where my arm swelled up, .and I had flu like symptom. I woundup going to the hospital. I never got a good look at the spider that bit me, except that it was dark in color. I moved to Arlington Oregon in Eastern Oregon almost three years ago, and in the three years never seen these two kinds of spiders in my home before. Can you please tell me if they are harmful and what the names of them are please?

Gilliam County Oregon spiders spider identification

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Thank you for the images of the spiders you've discovered in your house. Yes, spiders commonly move indoors during the fall. Sometimes it's boys looking for girls, other times it's a matter of a comfy living space.

I'm not in your area so am a bit puzzled by who these might be. The specimen with banded legs somewhat resembles a grass spider, but that's only a very hazy guess.

However, the good news is that Oregon lacks any deadly spiders.

If you have both spiders captured, I suggest you contact the Gilliam County Extension Service Office to determine where you might take them for ID. Even if no one at the office can ID them, the staff can submit them to the OSU Plant Clinic for a free ID. Contact information for the office is at
Definitely call before you go: 541-384-2271.