canning dry beans

Asked November 4, 2018, 11:43 AM EST

I have canned several types of dried beans. My question: my jars have all sealed and are in good condition, however, a couple have lost their seal over time (a couple months). I followed the direction for headspace leaving an inch. Do you have any idea why my jars would loose their seal? Out of the pinto, black and kidney beans I canned each had an issue.

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That is a good question. Beans are kind of tricky to can because they are starchy and if not soaked and precooked properly they expand in the jar during processing and often siphon liquid. This is a starch liquid that gets under the lid and it could initially seal but over time can cause the jar seal pops.

I also assume you canned them in a pressure canner for the proper time 75 minutes for pints and 90 for quarts at 10# pressure for weighted gauge or 11# dial gauge. If you under processed them then they might not be safe and are spoiling.

Another reason jars come unsealed is that they are stored at too warm a temperature or in a place where the temperature fluctuates like in the garage where it gets hot in the summer and then cold.

Did you use new lids and follow the instructions for preparation of the lids. The new lids should not be boiled like the old ones. Sometimes if they are over heated then the sealing compound is compromised and they can come unsealed.

Hope this helps. Thanks for uisng Ask an Expert

Nellie Oehler

Thank you for the quick, informative reply. Yes. I used a pressure canner for the proper time but did not know about the new procedure for lids. I just boiled them as i have the last 40 years not even thinking they could have changed ... you really can teach an old dog new tricks.