Ran out of water

Asked November 4, 2018, 12:31 AM EDT

I canned my tuna outside today. Forgot to add water for the new batch. When I open lid, there was a small brown puddle left. Water still in cans. No cracks or broken glass. Just an Amber discoloration. Lids are sealed. Thinking they got well done but still ok to eat, what do you think?

Humboldt County California

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My first question is did you use a pressure canner? All meat must be processed in a pressure canner to reach a high enough temperature to ensure it will be safe to eat after canning. A water-bath canner only reaches 212 degrees F. A pressure canner if used properly will reach 240 degrees F.

If you forgot to add water to the pressure canner there probably was not enough water in the canner to purge, pressurize and maintain a steam environment needed to properly process them. They may have sealed but that does not guarantee they are safe to eat.

Here is a link to processing conditions: