removing pampas grass

Asked November 3, 2018, 10:11 PM EDT

We have a large area that has pampas grass that was over 12 feet tall when we bought our new home. We want to remove it permanently but also without harming the water table with bad chemicals. We have chopped it all down and removed as much of the root balls we can find. We have it covered with black landscape material now. What else should we do? We live in Lakeside Oregon Thank you Julie Rupp

Coos County Oregon

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You have done just about what you can without using herbicides. Make sure to remove and dispose of all cut pieces. Do not compost any of it. Check for seedlings in the area and remove them also. It will take repeated efforts over multiple years to completely remove these as they are vigorous sprouters. Check under the plastic regularly for sprouters and remove as much as possible.

Here is some information from UC Davis that might be helpful also.