Lawn Sulfur Application

Asked November 3, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT

I was wondering how late in the year can I apply sulfur to my turn before winter? I was thinking of doing this in the next week to adjust my pH.

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You could apply it now but applying now may not be particularly effective as soil temp should be around 55 degrees for bacterial assistance in assimilation. Even if soil still happened to be in that temperature range now, it likely won't be for long so there wouldn't be much if any advantage to applying now as opposed to early spring. That said, I ask on what basis you wish to attempt to change pH for your lawn, as lawns are not particularly pH sensitive, unless your pH varies much above or below neutral (7.0). If you haven't had a soil test accomplished for your soil, that is the best way to learn what if anything your soil needs. They will culture out your soil scientifically and advise of exactly what your soil might need for optimum growth of whatever, in this case your lawn.

Otherwise, you can read much more on changing pH at the following two links:

Good luck!