Truffle found under a cedar tree in Wa. State.

Asked November 2, 2018, 10:43 PM EDT

OK first I apoligize for trying to answer a question someone asked about a truffle. There was no available space to use to answer. Ok the question this a white truffle? I found it under a cedar tree...Wa. state./\ The answer is tricky. Yes what was found is a truffle. However it is not an edible truffle. What was founded d is commonly called a "Dear Truffle" they for all intents look like a white Orgon Trufile or the alba white truffle. When you pick it up. A person with experience can tell right away that they've be bamboozled. If you take the fungi place between your pointer finger and thumb. Squeeze gently and you will find that it's comparative to a sponge. The truffle your looking for has the consistency of a potatoes. The dear truffle also will leak liquid as you squeeze it. Sorry again about answering in this forum. I tried to find the right spot to respond but could not find it.

Grays Harbor County Washington

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I don't have a photo to look at. A deer truffle (dear?) is not a common name I've heard of. Usually you need a microscope to determine species of truffles. But a photo would be very helpful in case this is not a truffle, as there are other kinds of hypogeous fungi.