Sheep and Goat vaccine reccomendations

Asked October 31, 2018, 2:36 PM EDT

Hello, I am curious about what vaccines you would recommend for backyard sheep and goat herds. Currently all our animals are healthy and in excellent condition. We would like to breed a few does this fall, and want the best possible outcome for them, as well as any maintenance for all our herd. Thanks for your expert advice and time, Amber Muckerman

Benton County Oregon

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Although there are many vaccines available for sheep and goats the only one universally recommended is CD&T. Other vaccines are used on an as needed basis. Pregnant females should receive a CD&T booster a month before lambing/kidding. If they were not previously vaccinated a priming vaccination should be given two months before birthing. For kid/lambs from vaccinated females give CD&T around 6- 8 weeks of age with a booster 4 weeks later. If kids/lambs are born to unvaccinated mothers give teh first vaccine at 4 weeks and a booster at 8 weeks. All will need annual boosters.