Brownish black bugs

Asked October 30, 2018, 5:42 PM EDT

I found these bugs in my house. They seem to be brown with black dots, and the bugs are very small in size. Can you tell me what type of bugs they are and if they are harmful?

Macomb County Michigan

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The insect in your photograph looks a great deal like a bean weevil (a type of beetle), but there are so many similar beetle species that I cannot be certain is a bean weevil. Bean weevils feed inside dried beans, perhaps also peas. Look for them in stored beans, but also check for them in "bean bag" chairs (if filled with natural beans), art projects that include beans (often used in child art classes).

When inside the beans, these insects are white-to yellowish grubs. They chew their way out of the bean after transforming into adults. The exit holes are very distinct round openings.