Organic amendments for 5.3 PH phosphorus deficient soil

Asked October 30, 2018, 11:48 AM EDT

I recently received my soil test results from the UD extension, and I am trying to determine what organic soil amendments would be my best solution. I already know I need to add limestone and some kind of phosphorus fertilizer, but are the amounts recommended by UD on these results still applicable in MD? Also, they recommend a triple superphosphate, but I would prefer to use an organic amendment for the phosphorus deficiency. I have read mixed reviews of bone meal as an organic amendment for phosphorus that make me skeptical of using it. I also have read that over application of phosphate fertilizer can cause big problems, so I want to make sure that I choose the right amount of whatever amendment option I end up going for. What would you recommend?

Baltimore Maryland soil test recommendations

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You should add the limestone to raise the pH this fall. You can add any source of compost such as leafgro, mushroom, city or homemade compost for your phosphorus source. You will get phosphorus for your plants from the compost. This can be added in the fall or spring.

During the growing season you can add a balanced organic fertilizer depending upon the crop that you are growing