I Need help identifying a mushroom

Asked October 29, 2018, 8:42 PM EDT

This has sprung up near some wood chips we put out. Any idea about what kind of mushroom it is. Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks, -Steve Williford
ps- well, I have just seen your answer to a previous mushroom identity question and I have to believe my question deserves the same answer. I would delete my question except I think the pictures are really interesting. but thank you, anyway.

Allegan County Michigan

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Thanks for your question and for still sharing the photos. I agree; Mother Nature creates beautiful and fascinating products!

As stated in a previously viewed answer to a mushroom ID question through, I have to share that our position on mushroom identification is one that protects human health. Since so many people try to eat mushrooms, we do not venture into the highly specialize field of mushroom identification. Incorrect identification could have serious, if not deadly, consequences.

I'd to share a few excellent resources on mushrooms that may pique your interest:

  • Identifying mushrooms: There is more to it than you might realize:


I hope this information is helpful and interesting to you.