grape as advertised

Asked October 29, 2018, 8:01 PM EDT

I have purchased SEEDLESS grapes over the years from Starks, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. All of my grapes all turn out as seeded not seedless. Also my plants get long and stringy rather than getting big healthy stalks. What Ican I do to get results as the plant is advertised?

Howard County Missouri

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Several things might be going on here. It is possible that the plants weren't labelled correctly when you bought them or they were grafted and the plant died back to below the graft and what you are getting is the rootstock variety. Grapes need annual pruning and good fertility to be healthy. The link takes you to a booklet on the ins and outs of growing grapes in Missouri.

Thanks, I suspect that they may be dying below the graft. How do I keep this from happening? I have planted some new plants this summer and today we are getting our first snow. I need your advice ASAP.


Typically, soil or mulch is put around the base of the plants, above the graft union, to protect them from cold temps. Then in the spring, it is removed.