Cherry and Apple trees

Asked October 29, 2018, 6:45 PM EDT

I have two cherry trees that have grown well for several years since I planted them from nursery stock. About the second or third year they produced a few cherries and plenty of blooms. From then on lots of blooms, but even when I have tried to pollinate them by hand all the blossoms just die off and no fruit is produced at all. At most, some will start to swell at the base of where the blossom was, but then die off. Foliage is bright green and for all appearances the trees are all healthy as can be. I have tried the regular garden fertilizer recommended by U of A Mat-Su from a soil sample sent to them years back, but it seems the trees need something other than this. I also have a grafted apple tree with about 5 verities on it, but this one, even though it looks healthy and has great looking leaves has never produced even a bloom on any of the branches with the various verities of apple on it. Thinking the problem may be fertilizer other than the 8-32-16 UAA recommended after a soil test a few years back. All three of these trees were from nursery stock sold in Alaska for Alaska conditions, or at least that is what I was told when I bought them. Thanks, Jim

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska

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Do you know if they are self pollinating or cross pollinating? If they are cross pollinating, they will need to be pollinating at the same time.

8-32-16 is the ideal fertilizer for them. Apply at the rate of 6 pounds/100 square feet.

When it comes to pollination, or gardening, it would seem that I have not a brown, but a black thumb unless you consider huge crops of chickweed. As to pollination, what I have done is when the flowers seem ripe with pollen, I take a small brush and go from flower to flower in the buds and lightly brush them. I have also done this from tree to tree, but nothing I have done seems to work. Sometimes I will get some small green cherries, but when they are maybe a 1/4" around, they just shrivel up and die. I do see insects, bees, mosquitos, etc. messing with the pollen, so there is obviously some insect pollination going on too.

Still in a quandary about the apple tree with the several graphs on it. I would think at least a blossom or two, but nothing and it has been maybe 10 years for most or all of these trees. Healthy as can be, but no fruit on the cherries and not even any blossoms on the apples. ????



I think it is a pollination issue, but try not fertilizing it for the next couple of years.