Help my maple--diagnosis

Asked October 28, 2018, 8:05 PM EDT

Dear Sir/Mam, Last year I moved into a new house (Annapolis) and a neighbor from my old house (Edgewater) let me dig up a maple seedling that was growing in her back yard. (I'm not sure what type of maple this is; it's very skinny and about 6 feet in height). I dug up the maple carefully and replanted it in my yard. This was one year ago and the tree seemed to be doing beautiful (I think it grew another 6-12 inches in the past year) until the past 6 weeks when the leaves are starting to look bad. If we were closer to the winter.....then I would think this is just leaves falling off? But because my neighbor has other seedlings that all look great, I'm worried there is something wrong with this tree. Do you have any idea why the leaves are shriveling up and dying? Thank you. P.S. The tree is planted in a corner of the yard where it receives a lot of afternoon sun (from 11am until the sun goes down). I water it sometimes (not a lot.....we've had so much rain this year).

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Given how new your tree is, it is not concerning. This late in the season many trees look haggard, and yours is still establishing. You do need to keep it watered in times of drought during the first year and a half of establishment.
The browning could be because of lack of water, and/or because the red-leaved varieties of this tree can be stressed by full, blazing sun.
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