Patches of Green powdery mold, bark falling off

Asked October 27, 2018, 9:22 AM EDT

My very mature hardwood tree started losing its bark this fall. There are increasingly large patches of green powdery mold growing in areas where bark is falling off. Will this kill the tree? Is this treatable? Please see attached pictures. Thanks so much!

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It is called smooth patch on bark. It is caused by saprophytic fungi that affects only the outer bark of the tree. It causes no harm to the tree other than being unsightly.

Donna- thanks so much for your reply. It is actually growing under the bark ( vs on the bark) and appears to be what is causing the bark to fall off. Will the bark grow back? I don’t know much but can’t imagine the tree will survive with a lot of its bark missing.

What type of tree? Can I get a picture of more of the tree? A picture from further away might help.

See up close leaf shot for identification. Added a far shot as well. Nit sure if you can see it but huge patches going up the trunk and branches starting at about 20 ft up the trunk. Again, major question is whether this is something I need to treat or if tree is dying and needs to be taken down. Thanks again.

I shared this with a colleague. We believe the tree is in decline. The picture of the whole tree speaks volumes. There is no saving it. That much bark missing is not a good sign. I would advise taking it down to avoid property damage if the tree goes down in a storm.