What's the first step?

Asked October 27, 2018, 7:48 AM EDT

Looking for a bit of guidance on starting a lawn fertilizing , pest control and broad leaf weed control... I have 4 yrs experience with a past employer and current boss subs his fert work out and he's not interested in doing themselves... So do I need to get my own business going to start with the licensing process? Would I be able to be licensed and certified before I'm invested into my business and spending money i really don't have if I'm unable to be licensed. For example I don't past the core exam then I would a fertilizing company that can't fertilizer... That's what concerns me... Thanks for any help you can give and have a good day... Ken B.

Northumberland County Pennsylvania

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Lots and lots of questions for you about your question. Please give me a call at 814-437-7607 ext 2 so we can talk about this.

Wow!!! Id have a lot of questions too. I really don't like typing on the phone and didn't proofread. I made myself sound like a fool... But I have thought things through a little more and instead of trying to jump into a 7 step fertilizer program. That requires a license and testing. I think I'll do better (16yrs experience) and it'll be cheaper starting with some weekend mowing accounts or landscaping in general under my own name/company and continue working with current employer/ or another established company so i can test the waters so to speak... Pics are of my work this is what comes easy.... Again thank you for your assistance in this matter.... Ken B...

Nice work! Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions in the future.