weaning a bottle fed angus calf

Asked October 26, 2018, 12:32 PM EDT

My calf is was born July 31 he has been bottle fed for 6 weeks due to the mother not producing enough milk. I have had him for 6 weeks and have been bottle feeding him for 6 weeks. I have grain in his stall and he gets 2 cups of grain two times a day and hay. He has been introduced to my other 2 steers for a week. He is halter trained. He has started showing little interest in the bottle and is now more interested in the grain. My question is if I go to feeding him one 6 pint bottle at night how do I know when to remove the bottle feeding totally. He is drinking water from a trough since being with my other two older steers.

Douglas County Oregon

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Hello there,

OSU has a publication on Weaning Beef Calves. There are some references at the end of the article that you might find helpful too. Please see https://extension.oregonstate.edu/animals-livestock/beef/weaning-beef-calves

Make sure the calf is eating forages (hay and/or pasture) along with the grain. The calf will need mostly forage and only a little grain.