Mites bites

Asked October 25, 2018, 10:47 PM EDT

I have a 1 year old dog and a kitten that is about 2 1/2 months old that I rescued from a barn wall at 3 weeks. Shortly after getting the kitten the dog started itching, she is on Bravecta, then I got really itchy but didn't really think about it for a while. Then I went to the doctor covered in sores they started me on invermectin and I tried to treat the animals. I was away from my house for a bit and then I came home after a couple of days I noticed the same little bugs that burrowed under my skin before. Now I have them in my eyes, nose, ears and body after sleeping on the couch where the dog sometimes sleeps.

Frontier County Nebraska

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I am sorry that you experiencing such an itchy and miserable situation. I am afraid that I can't offer much help in identifying your issue without seeing the pest causing the symptoms. My initial reaction to your description is that you are dealing with a flea problem that was brought in by the new cat. Since the pests couldn't feed on the dog (due to the treatment) they fed more successively on you. However, fleas do not burrow in to the skin. They feed and jump away. In fact, we do not have skin burrowing pests in Nebraska, save for scabies mites. Did your doctor test for scabies? You may want to consider having a skin scraping done to test for that particular issue.
Aside from that, our potential suspects would be limited. There are "bird mites" and "rodent mites" that can occasionally end up on people and will feed on us. They cannot survive on human hosts though and, again, do not burrow in to our bodies. If you are able to capture what it is you are seeing and you take it to the Frontier County extension office, they could maybe mail it to me or take photos that can be sent to me for identification.
Please let me know if I can provide any other information.