Transplanting a mature Red Sprite winterberry

Asked October 25, 2018, 10:58 AM EDT

Hello, next spring we are planning some excavation for a remodeling project, and are hoping we can transplant a mature Red Sprite Winterberry shrub. We don't want to do it now because it is fully laden with berries and the birds are eating them and sheltering in the shrub. What is the procedure for transplanting such a shrub? Is it best in spring or fall? I assume it should be pruned back in the spring before transplanting. We have a good spot for it in another place in our yard. Thanks for your help.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Spring is a really good time to transplant trees and shrubs, after the ground starts to thaw but before the leaves bud out. I will include links below on best practices for transplanting trees and shrubs. One thing you can do this fall is prep for moving by "pruning" the roots - basically cutting a trench around the shrub that will encourage a more compact root ball. Please see the articles I've linked below for what diameter around your shrub you should prune.

Also call before you dig!

Preparing for transplanting: