Planting Oak seedling

Asked October 25, 2018, 10:37 AM EDT

Hi, I have 2 seedlings that grew from acorns dropped in my garden from a nearby Pin Oak tree. Is it likely they'll survive if I replant them in another area of my property? If so, when would be the best time to do this and what would be the best way? The first seedling is almost 3 ft tall, but it has a side shoot growing out from beneath the ground (see Oak1 Closeup). I'm not sure if that is coming from two different acorns or a split from one acorn. Would this present a problem if I cut that shoot off once I dig it up? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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Pin oaks have a shallower, fibrous root system that makes transplanting easier than more oak species that have tap roots. Spring or late fall is okay for transplanting. These oaks like moisture, so be sure it does not sit in dry soil. If keeping it moist is difficult, late fall may be the better planting time. It gives the tree three seasons of moisture (fall to spring) before a typical droughty summer may arrive.

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Yes, you can cut off the double stem that could become a problematic double trunk. In fact, it's best to do that when the tree is young.