A Brian Cain, the Michigan Vintner

Asked October 24, 2018, 12:13 PM EDT

I need to know the name of a particular exotic geranium in order to seek out a plant or seeds. The first picture on the left side is a geranium with white flowers with splotches of red on them. Any idea of the name of this geranium or where I can get a plant or seeds? The second picture is a "Wilhelm Langguth Specialty Geranium". Any idea where I could get a plant or seeds?

Ottawa County Michigan

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It seems the flower may be an exotic graffiti geranium. In searching the web, I found the attached website below which has a photo most similar in appearance, though red. Additional information is provided on the website, however, it indicates the white is no longer available.

Below is a website for a Michigan green house which carried the Wilhelm Langguth. I expect an internet search could also provide you other nurseries which carry this variety.

Good luck on your search!

That's it. Now, that I know the name (Graffiti), maybe I can find the white flowers with red blotches on them.
Thank you,