Can i plant a shade garden under and ohio buckeye?

Asked October 24, 2018, 10:28 AM EDT

I have a mature buckeye. It was planted before we purchased the house but i really enjoy it. We dont usually have an issue with the nuts as we have a whole neighborhood of squirrels that eat them. I wanted to possibly plant a shade garden under it. I realize that this will require extra work in the fall. Is it possible though? Or just a massive amount of work?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Planting a shade garden under a tree is an excellent idea as long as you dig into the soil with harming the trees surface roots. Tilling is the worst thing for the tree. What you will want to do is dig each hole with a hand tool and plant the shade plants. The ones you choose should be plants for dry shade so they are not competing with the tree for water. Hosta top that list and there are many wonder colors and textures available. Friends are a good source too since hosta usually need dividing about every 3 years.