SSEP-Cucumber seeds

Asked October 24, 2018, 10:07 AM EDT

We are a group participating in the SSEP competition and our topic is cucumber seeds. We are studying the growth difference between the seeds in micro gravity and seeds on the Earth. The email provided is our science teachers. We are asking some questions to a professional in cucumber seeds about cucumber seeds.

#1 Do cucumbers germinate faster in water or a water-sugar solution?
#2 How many grams of sugar do we use?
#3 How fast will this germination occur in water?
#4 How fast does the germination occur in the water-sugar solution?
#5 How much water or water-sugar solution do we need for the plant to germinate the fastest?

New York

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We are having trouble understanding the questions that you would like to have answered. Are the questions above what you will be uncovering through your research? Are you asking us to help design your experiment? Is there an email from your teacher that should be attached?