Hello, We’ve had a problem with crane flys last summer & this summer too....

Asked October 23, 2018, 9:44 PM EDT

Hello, We’ve had a problem with crane flys last summer & this summer too. We thought they were giant mosquitoes until we found them on google. What brings them to my house & how do we get rid of them? They’ve only been here the last 2 years. I’ve noticed that they don’t seem to be around the neighbors houses. Thanks, Paige Rule Dublin Ohio

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Adult crane flies, although resembling large mosquitoes, do not have biting mouth parts and are harmless to humans. Crane flies are common insects that occur almost everywhere but the driest locations. They are most abundant in moist areas that are high in organic matter, such as along waterways and ponds. There are varieties that are more adapted to drier sites and some of these may overwinter as larvae in lawns. Crane flies can enter a home through any small crack or opening but they can also lay eggs in the soil of house plants left outside for the summer and brought in for the winter where they mature into adults.

If you suspect or have seen crane flies emerging from or flying above your lawn, there are measures that can be taken to treat the larva. Following is a link to a site with more info: https://s3.wp.wsu.edu/uploads/sites/2053/2012/11/90CraneFlies.pdf

If you put a number of house plants outside for the summer there is not any special action that needs to be taken when these harmless insects are found indoors; physical removal is the only necessary control.