Citrus Tree

Asked October 23, 2018, 2:02 PM EDT

Hello, I have a potted citrus tree, and the leaves are getting yellow specks on them which are about the size of pin head. But the spots are covered on all the leaves. I have the tree in a big pot, under grow lights. I have noticed a few days ago there were mushrooms on the soil, is the leaf condition linked to the moisture in the soil? Thank you!

Schoharie County New York

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Your citrus plant appears to have spider mite damage, eek!. Pictures from this link show different mites:

Mites can be a problem when trees are water stressed and conditions are hot and dry especially indoors. Increase humidity levels with a pebble tray, try daily misting (except during flowering), or use a small humidifier to help to prevent, or control mite infestation. Cool temperatures are best for citrus plants this time of year, along with full sun conditions. Citrus prefers at least 4 hours of sun daily, along with Temperature of 50-55 degrees F., especially in winter.

Organic mite control:

Petroleum oils, such as horticultural oil, offer control. In addition, insecticidal soap spray, typically comprised of potassium fatty acids, helps control spider mite problems. The environmental impact of these remedies is limited. You should apply the oil or soap spray to all tree surfaces because these treatments kill pests on contact and after that become ineffective. Check the label for application timing.

Hope this helps.

Great thank you for getting back to me. The tree is under grow lights and in a heated 4 season room so I think the temperature range should be ideal and sunlight good as well. After the mites are dealt with the plant should spriut new leaves correct?