Moving a tree

Asked October 23, 2018, 8:26 AM EDT

I have lived in my home for a year. We have a beautiful tree that I believe is a Japanese Maple ‘Red Dragon’. It is between the drive and the house and does not have enough room in the long run. Right now it is about 3 ft tall. It needs to be moved. Should I move it now or in the Spring?

Wayne County Michigan

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It is recommended to move Japanese maples in spring. Dig as large a root ball as you can, making it at least as large as the size recommended in the accompanying chart, below. Keep the root ball as intact as possible when moving the tree. Roots are delicate and quickly die when exposed.

Be careful to not re-plant the tree any deeper than it was already growing. Plan to keep it watered, without being soaking wet, for the whole season, up to when the ground freezes next year.

Here are References that describe the correct transplanting technique in detail.

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