Retaking ServSafe Manager Certification test

Asked October 23, 2018, 6:52 AM EDT

I had a staff member take the 16 hour ServSafe Manager Certification class recently. He's the kind of person who chokes when given a written test. Needless to say, his score fell just short of passing the exam at the end of the course. He was wondering ... and I'm wondering.... is there any way for him to retake this exam?

Huron County Michigan food safety servsafe servesafe

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Have you checked with Laurie of Huron County MSUE? She might have an 8 hour class coming up that he could take at the rate of re-testing, which is $60. My next 8 hour in Lapeer is 12/4/18. If he were to take the class from me, I would need verification that he had taken the class and not passed before I could give him the $60 rate. To retest he would register directly with me and would not register online.
I have had many people re-test because there has been a language barrier or they also freeze when taking a test.
Chris Venema