Transplanting of raspberries

Asked October 22, 2018, 5:21 PM EDT

It is probably past the optimum time to transplant raspberries and perennial herbs, but I am in the process of moving all of my gardening to raised beds. I just finished the beds for the raspberries and herbs and I am highly motivated to move them so I can convert the area vacated to lawn. I want to finish the grade and dormant seed yet this fall. What are my risks if I go ahead and transplant now? What can I do to maximize success? The raspberries are ever bearing and are still producing.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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If you transplant raspberries and herbs now, expect significant mortality over winter. This is especially true when moving them to raised beds where the soil temperature will fall somewhat lower than it does in the surrounding area.

A cold winter with deep persistent snow favors transplant survival more than a mild one. Hedge your bets by providing substantial cover for anything you move. Some of the tips in this publication may be useful:

Evergreen bows can also provide airy cover that won't compact or blow away.

Be sure to keep the transplants well watered until the soil freezes. Raised beds dry out quickly.