Help with property taxes

Asked October 20, 2018, 2:36 AM EDT

I have past due taxes and im being foreclosed on i have a disabled wife and three kids . Im struggling to just stay a float. I could use some advice or help of any kind. i have invested a lot of money into my house from an inheritance after my dad passed and now im scared of losing everything.

Cass County Michigan

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There may be help to get you caught up on your property taxes. Have you ever received assistance from the Step Forward Michigan program? It has been around for 8 years to help homeowners who qualify become current if they have income to afford to pay their property taxes going forward. This program has already helped 120 homeowners in Cass County keep their homes!
The website is to start the online application. You will need an email address and the 1) delinquent tax statement you received from your county treasurer, 2) proof of income (recent pay stubs, Social Security 2018 award letter, etc.) 3) proof of an unexpected hardship expense in 2016 (house repair, vehicle repair, etc.) or income reduction that caused you not to be able to make your property tax payments and 4) a copy of your recorded deed to prove ownership (available from your county Register of Deed's office if needed.)
If you want help completing the application, you can call Step Forward at 866-946-7432 or call me 616-527-5357. You will need sign (in 2 places) the completed application plus fax, email or mail the application and 4 supporting documents I listed above to Step Forward Michigan. I can help with this process from a distance if you want my guidance as a housing counselor.
Another possibility is to apply for a Poverty Exemption from your local taxing authority (township, city or village) treasurer. Your county Treasurer would know who this is where you live. If you qualify, they may waive your property taxes for 2018. You would need to apply every year going forward for this assistance.
I suggest you follow-up on these two recommendations. If you already have received Step Forward Michigan $$$ in the past, contact me for other ideas and resources.