Insect bites

Asked October 19, 2018, 11:20 AM EDT

I have not wanted to work in my garden this year because I have been bitten repeatably by bugs I can't see or feel as they bite. When I do feel where I have been bit it itches terribly for several weeks, keeping me awake at night and such. The bites can take several days after I've been in the yard to show themselves. I have tried covering up as much as possible but still get bit. I get bit in the yard even if I just walk out on the deck or in the drive. I don't have tall grass that I'm walking in and still get bit. What is biting me and what can I do about it. Thank you, Robert Ford

Dakota County Minnesota

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Chiggers are often unseen biters and they make a very itchy bite. Fleas can also be a problem for folks who are sensitive. See slide 16 To prevent bug or mite bites buy or make your own bug repellent clothing. Spray a shirt and pants with insect repellent. Pull them on before going outside, wear higher socks and tuck in your pant legs. Wear a hat and apply repellent to the back of your neck. Wearing treated clothing reduces ones exposure to the repellent and keeps the bugs off. Avoid being out at dawn and dusk. You have probably heard all this advice and it takes some of the fun out of going outside but bug bites are worse.