Soil fungus killing pine trees

Asked October 18, 2018, 5:37 PM EDT

The Eden Prairie city forester told our neighbor that the reason the pine trees between our properties are loosing their needles and appear to be dying is that there is a fungus in our soil that is doing this to the trees. There are other pine trees in our neighborhood that appear to be doing fine. We removed one of the pine trees that was all but dead except for a little at the top, but now we would like to replace it. Are there pine trees that we could plant that would not be susceptible to soil fungus and that will grow in partial shade? Attached is a picture of one of the trees losing needles.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Without knowing what the soil fungus is I can’t tell you if there are any resistant varieties. If the Forester can give you the name of the disease a large tree nursery like Gertens or Bachmanns can tell you if they have any trees for sale that have some resistance. Resistance isn’t the same as immunity they can still become sick if stressed or environmental conditions strongly favor the fungus. Since the fungus is in the soil and has killed several trees the amount of fungus in your soil is probably high enough that even a resistant variety , if there is one, would become infected.