Prune a fig tree?

Asked October 18, 2018, 1:59 PM EDT

This summer I planted an Olympian Fig next to our back deck facing south east. It must be very happy and liked the rain because it is now 7-1/2 feet tall. It has one single trunk. Should I prune it so it will bush out? If so, when should I do this? Also, I noticed red spots on several leaves. Is this normal? Thank you.

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You can prune back the main stem of your fig tree now. Prune it to a height that is comfortable for you to reach for harvesting the figs. To ensure the survival of the top growth of the plant, we recommend bending the top growth over so that it lays down horizontally. Pin it down to the ground and cover the horizontal stem with bags of leaves or straw to provide winter protection. The plant will put out new shoots along the main stem next year. Here is a link to a brief video about pruning figs.

The red spots on the leaves could be a minor leaf spot disease. It is not something to be too concerned about now at the end of the growing season.