Asked October 18, 2018, 10:03 AM EDT

I live near Standish Mi. I have a female hummer who has been at my feeder for almost a week. I am concerned due to the cold temps. I hadn’t seen any hummers for at least 2 or more weeks before she arrived. I am giving her fresh nectar every few days. She looks healthy.. Any other suggestions. Thank you. Kat.


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I forwarded your question to birder friend of mine, here is his response.

"It’s pretty normal to have some lingering hummingbirds into mid- to late October. This year, there seem to be more than normal, though. By November, they are pretty rare, but we have had a record or two that survived to December.

Leaving up feeders is NOT why they linger, but it can provide some valuable resources for them. Some might move on their own, while others may have a glitch in their migratory behavior that prevents them from ever getting where they belong.

Lastly, it is possible, to have a different species of hummingbird. Every fall, Michigan will get 1-5 Rufous Hummingbirds (and occasionally a much rarer species). Right now there’s a Rufous Hummingbird over in Ottawa County. Given the number of lingering Ruby-throateds this year, that’s the most likely scenario here, but a photo would be helpful to try and confirm for sure."

Hope this helps,