aphids vs hydroponics

Asked October 17, 2018, 10:57 PM EDT

i run a small (32sq ft) hydroponic garden. tomatoes in one room, peppers and lettuce in the other (the living room). aphids are attacking my peppers. tried mixture of dawn and water spray. helped but not a lot. would like a systemic you can put in hydroponic solution. i will be eating the tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce if they survive. what do you suggest. i have also thought about sealing the gardens in plastic and letting off a raid fumigator for about 6 hours. i grew up in nw iowa

Citrus County Florida

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Great Question!
Aphids can be a big problem, especially in greenhouse situations where conditions for reproduction are ideal. While pesticides can be helpful there are other ways to effectively keep aphid populations under control. We have found that releasing beneficial insects in the green house really helps. The two beneficial insects that I would recommend are Ladybugs and Parasitic Wasps. You can order these beneficial insects online and have them shipped to you. Once you receive them simply release them into your greenhouse (it helps if your greenhouse is sealed, so that aphids cant get in and so the beneficials don't get out).
Here is a video that I found that shows the ladybugs and parasitic wasps in action.
I hope this helps.

Did you fail to read the important parts of the question. My hydroponic systems are in bedroom and living room.
I need a systemic not insect for obvious reasons.

I am sorry, I cannot recommend a systemic insecticide to be used inside your house.